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is a business consultancy company established 2003, registered
officially as Business Investigation Consultants company.
2009 with the growing demand for Real Estate and Construction Risk
Analysis was officially registered also as Realtor company.
Commercial Investigations,
Information and Human Intelligence,
Open Sources Information Gathering and Analysis and
Real Estate and Construction Risk Analysis.

The company provides consulting services falling into four main areas:
We provide our services in :

Greece, Albania, Cyprus and the Balkans.

We have operational experience in the following countries:
Greece, Albania, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia,
Russia, France, Germany, Turkey, Kazakhstan and UK.
DIMITRIOS PILOS - Consultancy Company

Address: 183 Imittou street 11634, Athens Greece
Tel : +30 6947536776
Email : info@dimitriospilos.gr
Skype : d_pilos